Friday, May 29, 2015

Call Time: Saturday May 30

Park at the First Baptist Church Parking lot at 302 Gidding, look for the yellow signs for Crew Parking where a van will be waiting to take you to set. If you did not get a map please call.

Please remember to bring a photo ID with you: driver's license, passport, or state ID and don't forget your three options for wardrobe

Elizabeth  505-203-0884

Stand Ins
8:00 AM            Jeffery Williams
8:00 AM            Nicholas Volker

            8:00 AM
            Childress Bank Staff
            Adam Ball
            Adam West
            Carolyn Mead
            Christi Reid
            Dana Martinez
            Danielle Duval
            Krystal Wade
            Lacey Pack
            Mark Babcock
            Renae Lodge
            Sarah Kluthe
            Shilo Hawkins
            8:00 AM
            Security Guards
            Jim Tech
            Juan Hernandez

            8:00 AM
            Childress Bank Patrons
            Andrew Bouillon
            Addison Foskey
            Aidan Holmes
            Brian Scott
            Chris Brunsen
            Chris Tucker
            Clifton Chilcoat
            Danielle Delisle
            Erlinda Ruiz
            Freda Neie
            Gary Ruiz
            Harold Murphy
            Jessica Michell Karges
            Kathy Fury May
            Marcy Anaya
            Norman Coffey
            Shirley Rollinson
            Steve Harmon
            Ty Bergman

            8:00 AM
            Childress Pedestrians w/cars
            Erick Welsh
            Liz Houser
            Ron Attard
            Sarah Shelton
            Stephen Powell


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