Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Call Time: Thursday, May 28

Please park at the First Baptist Church at 302 Gidding, a van will take you to catering where we will be waiting for you. We did email a map. If you did not get it please call us.

Please remember to bring a photo ID such as a driver's license or a passport.

Also please remember to bring your three wardrobe options with you when you come to check in.  Please do not buy any thing, just dig around in your closet.

Elizabeth 505-203-0884

Stand Ins
7:00 AM            Jeffery Williams
7:00 AM            Nicholas Volker
7:00 AM            Norma Delarosa
7:00 AM            Mason Fena

            6:00 AM
            Texting Girl
            Mary Bowman

            6:00 AM
            Post Bank Tellers
            Elizabeth Vigil
            Kristie Bonifant
            Desiree Cordova
            Kathryn Attard

            6:00 AM
            Post Bank Staff
            Martin Grant
            Kathy Perales

            8:18 AM
            Post Bank Patrons
            Albert Ruiz
            Brandon Cox
            C. Benny Adams
            Cam Stone
            Carol Kimmerle
            Clyde Davis
            John Pritcheti
            Kori Herek
            Linda Miller Brown
            Lyn Babock
            Lynn Hicks
            Maretta Miller
            Mary McAnulla
            Matt Jackson
            Melissa Murphy
            Patricia Thatcher
            Raymond Thunderhorse
            Regina Dart
            Richard Craft
            Richard Tivis
            Shelley Bridges
            Suzahn Horton
            Terry Buesgens
            Todd Terry
            Trevor Moss
            William Sandoval

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  1. Thanks guys for the opportunity! I had a blast. :)