Monday, May 25, 2015

Call time: Tuesday, May 26

Please note that we are shooting in Portales, we have sent a map, if you did not get a map please call.

Don't forget to bring your three outfit choices and women, please come with natural hair and light make up. We will send a map out around 2 pm. We will be shooting in Portales.


            Stand Ins
6:00 AM            Jeffery Williams
6:00 AM            Nicholas Volker
6:00 AM            Shaleena Luckau
6:00 AM            Norman Coffey

            5:30 AM
            Olney Residents
            Thomas Sower
            Mark King
            Addison Foskey
            Cindy Meeks
            Damon Smith
            Megan Babcock
            1:00 PM
            Jayton Residents
            Andrew Bouillon
            Cliff Whitmore
            Joseph Attard
            Penni Chappell
            Sandy Pieratt
            Shana Chavez

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