Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Call time: Wednesday, May 27

Please park at the Hilltop Plaza at 2300 N. Main St. and meet us in catering across state street in basecamp,

PLEASE bring your driver's license or other photo ID  for your paperwork and remember to bring your three wardrobe choices.

Stand Ins
8:00 AM Jeffery Williams
8:00 AM Nicholas Volker
8:00 AM Norma Delarosa

8:18 AM

Old Timers 

Abby Parrish

Bob Dart

Dean Hardage

Donnie Nutt

Stanley Brooks

7:30 AM

Vernon Residents/w cars

Danna Thompson

Robert Fraze

Scott S. McCallum

Sue Francis

Velma Gerlach

7:30 AM

Kitchen Staff

Xavier Naranjo

Jessica Lesly

7:30 AM

Vernon Diner Patrons/wcar

Jon Barr

Aaron Quinby

Sara Maynerich

Tasha Meeks

Tom Miller

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