Saturday, May 23, 2015

Call time:Monday, May 25

Welcome to Comancheria,

Please remember to bring your three clothing options

Nothing too bright (bright red, neon, too busy or anything with a big logo on it*

-Jeans (wranglers if you have them!)
-Skirts (denim, cotton, any type - just not too bright or busy)
-short sleeve shirts
-long sleeve plaid shirts
-cowboy hats
-cowboy boots
-sneakers - no logos
-anything old, and worn in - distressed and dirty is perfect!
-overalls if you have them!
-plain t-shirts - no logos, nothing too bright
-baseball caps - no logos

Stand Ins
6:00 AM            Jeffery Williams
6:00 AM            Nicholas Volker

            5:30 AM
            Archer Res. w/cars
            Willie Perales
            Raymond Thunderhorse
            Gregg Gossett
            Lawrence Johnson
            Lynn Hicks

            5:30 AM
            Archer Residents
            Gwen Pierce
            Keith Hicks

            5:30 AM
            Mother With Stroller
            Jessica Rodgers

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