Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Call Time: Thursday, June 18

Please note that parking has moved to the Albuquerque Rail yards, 777 1st street.   We sent a new map, please call if you did not get a map


Stand Ins
8:30 AM            Wes Trudell
8:30 AM            Amberlee Toney

            8:30 AM
            Texas Rangers
            Danny Chavez
            Justin Young
            Rob Leeds
            John Sokolowski

            8:30 AM
            State Workers
            Jeremy Jones
            Bill Finch

            8:30 AM
            Angela Leeds
            Pam Keelin
             3:30 PM

            Lubbock Residents/cars
            Michelle Thurik
            Tanya White
            Gerald McPeek
            Angela Gazzara
            Charlie Henn

            3:30 PM
            Texas State Trooper
             Danny Winn
            Benjamin Wolfe

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