Monday, June 29, 2015

Call Time: Tuesday, June 30

Please park at 302 Gidding in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church and a van will take you to basecamp.  If you are bringing a car /truck for the scene, please park at the church and Nate our PA will have you go back to get the cars/trucks when we are ready for them.

We have sent a map if you did not get one, please call.


Stand Ins
6:30 AM            Ray Ramos
6:30 AM            Ariell Meyr

            6:30 AM
            Archer City Residents
            Cari Kelley
            Charles Nicholes
            Chris Horton
            David Fitzgerald
            Destiny Justice
            Henry Martin
            Jerry Deen
            John Pietsch
            Julie Weston
            Melissa Nichols
            Richard Hood
            Theresa Buckley
            6:30 AM
            Deputies (2)
            John Barnes
            William Remington
            6:30 AM
            Police Officer (1)
            Andre Lima
            6:30 AM
            Texas Trooper
            Michael Thayer

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