Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Call Time; Thursday, July 2

If you worked on Wednesday, please bring back the same clothes you wore today.

We will be at the Hilltop shopping center again


Stand Ins
7:00 AM            Chris Tucker
7:00 AM            Susan Ruiz
7:00 AM            Jeffery Williams
1:00 PM            Addison Foskey
            7:00 AM
            Old Timers 
            Abby Parrish
            Bob Dart
            Dean Hardage
            Donnie Nutt
            7:00 AM
            Vernon Diner Patrons/wcar
            Jon Barr
            Aaron Quinby
            Sara Maynerich
            Tasha Meeks
            Tom Miller

            7:00 AM
            On Lookers
            Ariell Meyr
            Brandon Cox
            Brittney Patterson
            Connie Dawson
            David Birch
            Debi Quintero
            Henry Martin
            Jason Henderson
            Joe Friend
            Jon Hoppe
            7:00 AM
            Forensic Police
            Sandy Loomis
            David O'Leary
            7:00 AM
            Deputy (1)
            Dustin Hughes

            7:00 AM
            Vernon Police (2)
            Jared Lilje
            Derek Cockrell

            7:00 AM
             Texas Trooper
            Nate Meyr
            7:00 AM
            5 Vernon Residents
            Tracy Langdon
            Mike Millender
            Dana Albright
            Sherrie Lott
            Gregory Hartle
            Marilyn Hartle

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