Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Call Time: Thursday Oct. 1

Please report to
BELEN, NM 87002

Elizabeth Gabel

Stand Ins
8:00 AM            William McLane
8:00 AM            Rachel Ross
            8:00 AM
            NM State Police
            Jesse Casaus
            8:00 AM
            Shaved Head Kid
            Matthew Bond
            8:00 AM
            Colorado State Patrolmen
            Scott Wogan
            Jose Chavez
            Greg Seeley
            Albert Bales
            8:00 AM
            3 Street People
            Shelley Shaw
            James Shaw
            Christian Garcia

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Call Time: Wednesday Sept. 30

I have sent a map, if you did not get it, please call it.

Stand Ins
7:30 AM            William McLane
10:30 AM            Rachel Ross

            7:30 AM
            Chen Photo Double
            Phuc Mai

            7:30 AM
            Estate Staff
            Eric Wagner

            7:30 AM
            Security Guards
            Marcus Ray
            Justin Enstrom

            7:30 AM
            NASA Vehicle Drivers
            Alan Humphrey
            Les Bildner
            Tony Anton

Monday, September 28, 2015

Call time: Tuesday, September 29

We will NOT be at the I-25 studios, Please park in the Maloof parking lot on Commercial, south of Lomas and west of 2nd street a van will pick you up.   We did send a map PLEASE confirm the email that you received your map.

Remember to bring your ID and your wardrobe choices with you when you come to check in with us.

Elizabeth Gabel

Stand Ins
2:00 PM            Masamichi Nyunoya
7:00 AM            William McLane
7:00 AM            Rachel Ross
            10:00 AM
            Photo Double
            Randy Bartock
            6:15 AM
            NASA Exec
            Betsey Waggener
            Brian Barela
            David Loving
            David White
            Shawn McCall
            NASA Security
            Rick Anglada
            John Hocker

            6:15 AM
            NASA Scientist
            Akiko Stacy
            Dennis Price
            Eleanor Smith
            Elizabeth Rodgers
            Eric Vincent
            Ganeson Gopala
            George Cde Baca
            Haymish Chiado
            Javier Posa
            John McGarrah
            Mary Walker
            Peter Lujan
            Scotty Slight
            Steve Smith
            Travis Relyea

            6:15 AM
            NASA Techs
            Isaac Luna
            Wendy Carson

            3:30 PM
            Nicholas Goodwin
              Graham Hudson
            Annissa Lowe
            Breland Bullard
            Chase Cottrell
            Hailey Robson
            Jonathan Lawson
            Kelly Lucio
            Robert Graves
            Spencer Merrill
            Sydney Metz
            Vidal Santillanes
            2:00 PM
            2 Doctors
            Michael Fabian
            Victoria Moya

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Call time: Monday Sept. 18

Please meet us in the cafeteria in the north part of the I-25 studios. Please bring cargo pants, and t-shirts in charcoal, gray, brown tan, no reds, whites and blacks.

Elizabeth Gabel

Stand Ins
7:00 AM            Masamichi Nyunoya
7:00 AM            Rachel Ross
            7:00 AM
            Photo Double
            Randy Bartock

            7:00 AM
            Spencer Graham

            7:00 AM
            Surgical staff
            Heather Antonio
            Deidre Strange
            Colton Dean

            7:00 AM
            East Texas Engineers
            Jeremiah Wilson
            Daniel Garcia Flores

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Call Time: Friday Sept 25

Please meet us in the cafeteria at the I-25


Stand in
6 PM Masamichi Nyunoya
10:30 AM   Brytnee Ratledge

9:30 AM

Magellan Crew
David Robbins
Ian Jamerson
Steven Byrd

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Call time: Thursday, Sept. 24


Stand ins
12:30 PM            Masamichi Nyunoya
3:30 PM            Rachel Ross

            3:30 PM
            East Texas Techs
            Ian Hudson
            Sydny Potadle
            Daniel Zubiate
            Tony Mitchell

Monday, September 21, 2015

Call Time: Tuesday September. 22

The call time is earlier than expected.


            Stand Ins
8:30 AM            Masamichi Nyunoya

            8:30 AM

            East Texas Residents
            Jean Sime
            Michael Pierce

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Call time: Monday, Sept. 21

We will be shooting at the I-25 studios. Please call if you need directions.
Elizabeth Gabel

9:30 AM
Magellan Crew
David Robbins
Ian Jamerson
Steven Byrd

Will Notify
Isiah Luis
Kendal Laughlin
Archer Curtis

3:30 PM
Keith  Cochrane

7:00 PM
NASA Observers
Dana Mellen
Steve Rivera
James Tran

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Call Time: Friday Sept 18

Please meet us at the I-25 Studios. Please remember that we work a 12 hour day and we will be shooting until 2 or 3 am
Call if you have any problems.

1:15 pm
Flight Control Techs
Addison Foskey
Alan Cordova
Angelica Padilla
Corinne Fox
Darwin Rasping
 Daryl Clark
Emanual Tuyishimire
JD Miller
Jesse Holly
Justin Webb
Marshall Leming
Pannipa Kiatbaramee
Scott Di Stefano
Shakira Balakrishnan
Shane Lennon
Shawn Khounphithack
Victor Dupree
Wynston Vose
Sid Galvan

1:15 pm
Young Engineer
Jason Manning

1:15 PM
Flight Control Techs
Johnathan Hubbard

1:15 pm
NASA Executives
Dennis Kenny
Richard Adams

1:15 pm
Genesis Execs
Isaac Allen
Chaz Julian
Ryan Gonzales

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Call Time: Thursday September 17

If you did not get a map, please call us.  Follow the yellow signs with the black letters LOCS. It is 50 minutes from TorC to the spaceport and watchout for the right turn at County Road A013 because it is immediately after the only railroad tracks you will cross.

PLEASE COME DRESSED and hair and makeup ready. Our dressing rooms are a little on the small side.

Come early to eat breakfast and do paperwork and remember to bring your ID.

CARPOOLS; If your are carpooling with someone NOT in your group (A,B, or C)  please call us and we can switch you around a little.
Ned Rubin                              east mountain area
Parrish Androh                        off of Missouri in LC
Gail Katayanagi                          Hobby Lobby parking lot in LC
Joshua Madrid              LC, willing to help with gas
George DeVaca             Santa Theresa, El Paso or LC
Guillermo Veytia                            Cielo Vista Mall,El Paso

Briana Brock                               NE El Paso

Aaron Taft  Sanoma Ranch, LC
Cynthia Heath,  LC (car just broke down and really needs a ride)
Ashley Wagnor  LC

The filming location is awesome, but remember you cannot take photos.

Call if you have problems or questions.

Elizabeth 505-203-0884
Mary 505-401-2060

Stand In
William McLane

10:00 AM
Tyson Holiday
Lorus Allen
Aaron Rios
Magellan Crew
David Robbins
Ian Jamerson
Steven Byrd

10:00 AM
Genesis Staff
Soren Harvey
Isiah Bravo
Jeremy Gardea

9:00 AM
Audience Group A
Aaron Taft
Ana Watson
Andrew Gruner
Andy Ramirez
Angel Ochoa
Angela Longovia
Angelina Malone
Anna Sandoval
Anna Weeden
Anthony King
Anthony Kumpf
Autry Sutcliff
Benito Levario Jr
Bernadette Quinoes
Bernardo Hurtado
Bethany Roach
Billy Welsh
Bob Hartsell
Bob Kaye
Bruce Pearson
Cameron Ivey
Chelsea Ivey
Christy Lafont
Collette Marie
Corey Davis
Cynthia Pitts
Crystal Lay
Dale Worski
Dave Speelman
Deb Carruthers
Derrick Bash
Douglas Blech
Elena Dennis
Elizabeth Hurtado
Emily Ericson
Erika Castillo
Erica Valtierra
Gay Blech
Gerald Kumpf
Gerard de Vaca
Guillermo Veytia
Harrison Kavanaugh
Heather Bash
Hilary McDaniel-Douglas
Humberto Castro
Irene Taylor
James I Hill
Jay O'Connor
Jeff Anselmo
Jeff Guide
Jeff Moya
Jeff Van Keulen
Jenna Ivey
Jesse Sowards
Jessica Carr
Jesus Quinonez
JJ Jones
Joe T Meyer
Jon Argo
Josaphina Hernandez
Josh Madrid
Joyce Sowards
Kara Brockett
Karla Andzures
Katelyn Smith
Katrina Kavanaugh
Kelly Sweetser
Kirk Clifton
Klarissa Robles
Lauren Telford
Lexi Dali
Lisa Hakes
Lizbeth Mata
Luis Anzures
Lynne Harstell
Madeline Anselmo
Matteo Isquierdo
Melissa Mullen
Michael Matousek
Mike Dick
Nathan Gorman
Nick Arias
Pat Dinkins
Pat Dutton
Paul Grant
Reggie Wilson
Rene Herrera
Richard Rivera
Rob Spence
Rudy Eugene Dominguez
Rudy Jasso
Shelby  Ivey
Talia Davila
Ted Sweetser
Teri Howard
Victor Muniz
Whitley Newberry
Zelma P Rios

9:30 AM
Audience Group B
Adam Martin
Aldrin Smith
Alex Flores
Alex Green
Alyssa Paz
Amiou Fredrick Sinayor
Anthny Quiterio
Anthony Arnold
Anthony Fisher
Ardeshier Dehghany
Art Hernandez
Ashley Cross-Wagner
Asiah Thomas Mandlman
Briana Brock
Caleb Marnach
Cameron Dunlap
Carlos Villa
Carol McCall
Carolyn Williams
Casey Singleton
Casi Saldana
Cassandra Galban
Cesar Miramontes
Celestina Telles
Chas Miller
Chemey DeSantos Andre
Chris Elder
Chris Redfearn
Chris Silva
Christian Swearengin
Corinthean Sanchez
Cynthia Heath
Dale Bower
Dan Rez
Daniel Delany
Daniel Villegas
David Morgan
Delano Martinez
Dennis Coakley
Destiny Wolfe
Diana Sherano
Douglas Vernon
Dustin Charles
Ector Joel Acosta
Ethan Dederick
Eduardo Angon
Edward Rubin
Elizabeth Schober
Emily Kane
Erica Valdez
Ernesto Fernandez
Evan Wilcox
Felicity Russel
Fernanda Teixeira
Gabrial Davis
Gabriel Au
Gail Katayanagi
Gary Uithoven
George DuCharme Jr
Gloria Ann Mastic
James Dolan
James Hernandez
Jasmine Valenzuela
Javier Harris
Jeanell Lopez
Jeffrey Dupree
Jerry Walker
Jessie Lee Reyes
Jevon Martinez
Joel Fisk
Johnny Palomarez
Jon Erik Castro
Jordan Sanchez
Jorge Gutierrez
Joseluis Solorzano
Joseph Martinez & GF
Juan Lozano
June Weatherspoon
Justin Vistine
Kaden Kirkpatrick
Kailey Martinez
Kara Brockett
Kathryn Martinez
Kaylin Starrett
Kyle Montgomery
Kyle Pierson
Laura Mayorga
Leslie Simpkins
Luis Cisneros
Nigel Mathes
Patricia Valdez
Samuel Palm
Scott Apodaca
William Kolbim
Zachary Moore
Yvonne Bower

Audience Group C
Anthony Estrada
Angelo Ruiz
Edgar Aragon
Dominique Betancart
Jevon Martinez
Joe Forsyth
Joshua Gonzales
Letiaca(?) Acosta
Linda Pearson
Lindsay Jarrett
Lluvia Almanza
Lorraine Sanchez
Lucero Rubio
Luis Navarro
Luiza Barros
Marco Corral
Marisol Williams
Mary Maxson
Melissa Hernandez
Michael Ferguson
Michelle P. Hart
Miguel Brito
Mike Parr
Norman Gruner
Pamela Witte
Parker Murphy
Parrish Androh
Randle Lawson
Renee Newton
Rick Hernandez
Robert Ashbery
Romina Garcia
Ryan Roy
Sabrina Parr
Sal Valdez
Samantha Forsyth
Savannah Rousseau
Sergio Martinez
Shane Thomas
Shelby Hood
Spencer Gilbert
Stephen Conn
Steven Pohl
Susan Urias
Susette Gardner
TeAndre Carter
Thomas Kemp
Ting Ting Laub
Todd Packard
Troy Stegner
Trumaine Boxton
Tzunalli Derma
Valtin Guereque
Vince Jeffers
Wanita Grenier
Waverly Gorman
Wayne Brandenburg
Whitney Guaderrama
Witney Dupree
Zachary Hess
Zoraya Estrada

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Call Time: Wednesday, September 16

Please call if you have any questions or problems


8:30 AM
Daniel Chester
William Bartley

8:30 AM
Genesis Exec
Gonzalo Robles
Evan Wilcox
Jeremy Douglas

8:30 AM
Body Guard
Frank Powers

8:30 AM
Yunuen Lopez

Monday, September 14, 2015

Call time for Thursday September 17

The call time for Thursday September 17 will not be posted until later on Wednesday night. The reason we do not know the call time now is because of Union rules.  If we go later on Wednesday night we will start later on Thursday morning.  Our crew must have a certain number of hours sleep, so that is how we determine the call time for the next day. I expect we will be shooting until 10 pm on Wednesday night.

CARPOOLS. If you wish to carpool, we will put your name and email on this blog so others can contact you. Please email us at and put carpool in the subject line, be sure to include the general area in which you live and that you are will to help with gas.
Ned Rubin                      east mountain area
Parrish Androh                off of Missouri in LC
Gail Katayanagi                  Hobby Lobby parking lot in LC

Joshua Madrid              LC, willing to help with gas

George DeVaca     Santa Theresa, El Paso or LC
Guillermo Veytia                            Cielo Vista Mall,El Paso

Please check back on Wednesday for the call time.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Call Time: Monday, September 14

Please call if you did not get a map or a confirmation email

Please remember to bring multiple choices of tops. We will be doing "tiling" which means we will sit you in different places. 

4:00 PM

Debate Panel
Monica Perkins
Samuel Lee
Susan Uli
Morty Kessler

4:00 PM

Graduate Students
A.J. Dille
Alisha Clayton
Andrew Weinman
Andrew Welk
Austin Wessell
Avalon Wright
Brandon Caroll
Brandon Casey
Brandon Cody
Breland Bullard
Brittany Lloyd
Christopher Estrada
Connor Hellborn
Corina Gonzalez
Derrek Martin
Elaine Compton
Gage Cumbie
Gregory Popelka
Harrison Cavanaugh
Houng Nguyen
Isiah Nyah
Jason Luering
Jennier Criscuolo
Jesse Lam
John Tenorio
Jonathan Chavez
Jonathan McAbee
Joshua James
Kaitain Yrene
Kelsey Kloepher
Kerr Adams
Maricheska Lengdre
Marika Buckland Day
Mariyam Saho
Matthew Flanagan
Michael Pierce
Page Underwood
Pete Stone
Rashid Pickett
Ria Creer
Rich Weimer
Robby Trujillo
Rosalejandra Cisneros
Roy Sease
Ryan Cummins
Ryan Wilson
Sarah Elswick
Sebastian Jackson
Shanti Sweat
Spencer Berube
Tanner Morris
Tuan Dao
Tyeco Reyes