Monday, September 14, 2015

Call time for Thursday September 17

The call time for Thursday September 17 will not be posted until later on Wednesday night. The reason we do not know the call time now is because of Union rules.  If we go later on Wednesday night we will start later on Thursday morning.  Our crew must have a certain number of hours sleep, so that is how we determine the call time for the next day. I expect we will be shooting until 10 pm on Wednesday night.

CARPOOLS. If you wish to carpool, we will put your name and email on this blog so others can contact you. Please email us at and put carpool in the subject line, be sure to include the general area in which you live and that you are will to help with gas.
Ned Rubin                      east mountain area
Parrish Androh                off of Missouri in LC
Gail Katayanagi                  Hobby Lobby parking lot in LC

Joshua Madrid              LC, willing to help with gas

George DeVaca     Santa Theresa, El Paso or LC
Guillermo Veytia                            Cielo Vista Mall,El Paso

Please check back on Wednesday for the call time.


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  1. If anybody from Albuquerque needs a ride feel free to contact me 505-203-0518. John