Thursday, September 17, 2015

Call Time: Friday Sept 18

Please meet us at the I-25 Studios. Please remember that we work a 12 hour day and we will be shooting until 2 or 3 am
Call if you have any problems.

1:15 pm
Flight Control Techs
Addison Foskey
Alan Cordova
Angelica Padilla
Corinne Fox
Darwin Rasping
 Daryl Clark
Emanual Tuyishimire
JD Miller
Jesse Holly
Justin Webb
Marshall Leming
Pannipa Kiatbaramee
Scott Di Stefano
Shakira Balakrishnan
Shane Lennon
Shawn Khounphithack
Victor Dupree
Wynston Vose
Sid Galvan

1:15 pm
Young Engineer
Jason Manning

1:15 PM
Flight Control Techs
Johnathan Hubbard

1:15 pm
NASA Executives
Dennis Kenny
Richard Adams

1:15 pm
Genesis Execs
Isaac Allen
Chaz Julian
Ryan Gonzales

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