Monday, September 28, 2015

Call time: Tuesday, September 29

We will NOT be at the I-25 studios, Please park in the Maloof parking lot on Commercial, south of Lomas and west of 2nd street a van will pick you up.   We did send a map PLEASE confirm the email that you received your map.

Remember to bring your ID and your wardrobe choices with you when you come to check in with us.

Elizabeth Gabel

Stand Ins
2:00 PM            Masamichi Nyunoya
7:00 AM            William McLane
7:00 AM            Rachel Ross
            10:00 AM
            Photo Double
            Randy Bartock
            6:15 AM
            NASA Exec
            Betsey Waggener
            Brian Barela
            David Loving
            David White
            Shawn McCall
            NASA Security
            Rick Anglada
            John Hocker

            6:15 AM
            NASA Scientist
            Akiko Stacy
            Dennis Price
            Eleanor Smith
            Elizabeth Rodgers
            Eric Vincent
            Ganeson Gopala
            George Cde Baca
            Haymish Chiado
            Javier Posa
            John McGarrah
            Mary Walker
            Peter Lujan
            Scotty Slight
            Steve Smith
            Travis Relyea

            6:15 AM
            NASA Techs
            Isaac Luna
            Wendy Carson

            3:30 PM
            Nicholas Goodwin
              Graham Hudson
            Annissa Lowe
            Breland Bullard
            Chase Cottrell
            Hailey Robson
            Jonathan Lawson
            Kelly Lucio
            Robert Graves
            Spencer Merrill
            Sydney Metz
            Vidal Santillanes
            2:00 PM
            2 Doctors
            Michael Fabian
            Victoria Moya

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