Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Call Time: Thursday October 22

Please park at 4th and Baca in Belen. We sent out maps if you did not get one please call us.

Remember to bring jackets and backpacks or duffle bags, not black, white or red and no logos.

Elizabeth Gabel

10:45 AM
Isiah Yazzie

10:45 AM
Bus Passengers
Alfred Bennett
Chad Yokoyama
Clint Oberchain
Dale  Swetnam
Greg Smith
Anastasia Peralta
Joshua Neustadter 
Hazel Baca

10:45 AM
Bus Passengers w/cars
Stacy Barreras
Judith Benoit
Carol LeSage

11:00 AM
Bus Passengers
Alexandra Andrews
Alla Shapiro
Amy Stack
Andres Rodriquez
Britte Miller
Charles Jimenez
Chrisitan Maes
Daiquiri Zozaya
David Ricci
Deserie Nicole Maes
Dustin Collins
Emily Seiler
Jayson Peters
Jerry Valenzula
Jose Martinez
Kayla Grubb
Lauren Gibbons
Lawrence Barela
Leonard Kegan
Liberto Salaz
Lisa Wheeler
Louise Stange-Wahl
Mark Madrid
Marsden Moran
Marti Have-Perry
Melissa Leymon
Randy Sanders
Robin Alexander
Ruth Ward
Sam Barber
Teena Tyler
Tom Mahon
Villis Shipman
Vincent Spiak

11:00 AM
Gentleman on the Bus
Ben Emery

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