Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Call Time: Wednesday, Oct. 4

Please park at the Albuquerque Railyards. I have sent a map. If you did not get one,please call.

Please remember it will be very cold tonight, so if you are working the night shift, bring warm coats, hats and gloves for between shots. You WILL need them.


Stand Ins
1:00 PM            Masamichi Nyunoya
1:00 PM            Amberlee Toney
            12:30 PM
            Driver's w/Cars (5)
            Clea Hall
            Dick Armstrong
            Michael Williams
            Rick Puhl
            Tammy Chavez
            12:30 PM
            Used Car Salesman
            Aaron Lade
            12:30 PM
            Used Car Shoppers
            Adriana Gallegos
            Sam Glinsmann
            Brian Cain

            7:00 PM
            Drivers w/cars (5)
            Anna Pacheco
            Barbara  Pacente
            Bob Martin
            Leslie Hutz
            Richard Bryant
            7:00 PM
            Neighborhood People
            Drew Mitchell
            Lisa Houser
            Molee Martin
            Rayne Gould
            Ryan Baca
            Terry Taylor
            7:00 PM
            Loading Dock Crew
            Epharim Hernandez
            Lonnie Gallegos
            Luke Duval
            Randy Lanz
            Truck Drivers (3)
            Henry Pacheco
            Jose Perez
            Mario Alderete
            7:00 PM
            NASA Truck drivers
            Frank Taylor
            Patrick Archeluta

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Call Time: Monday, Nov. 2

Please park on the corner of Central and Sierra NE, 4119 Central NE. That is where our basecamp will be located. Please report to our catering lunchbox

Elizabeth Gabel

Colorado Police
Peter Chapman
Brian Barela

6:00 AM
Driver's w/Car
LC Read
Joseph Siegfried
Frank Taylor
Allen Edgar-Young
John H. Reiser
Barbara Lovato
Bruce Lombadreli
Natalie Benavidaz
Penny Davis-Garcia

6:30 AM
Karina Johnson

Muria Ortiz-Mingorance

6:30 AM
Colin Watson
Corey Kemplin
Criag Pehrson
Jacob Martinez
Joseph Ergis
Joshua Chavez
Linda Alhussiny
Margaret Forbes
Marshall Winn
Paul  McKeever
Richard Forbes
Sheryl Brown
Vincent  Vallejos

6:30 AM
Jamie Lynn

8:15 AM
Georgia Linn