Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Call Time: MARS Thursday, March 24

Women, please come with your hair and make up  in the style given to you by the air and makeup depts.

Call if you have any questions or problems. Elizabeth 505-203-0884

Stand Ins
9:00 AM            Kylie Jacobson
9:00 AM            Keith Hanks*
9:00 AM            James Liakos*
9:00 AM            Erin Cantrel
            9:30 AM
            SAE Colonist
            Jeffery Williams
            8:30 AM
            Impaled Colonist
            Jocelyn Montoya*
            8:30 AM
            Gina's Class
            Alexis Lafave
            Amanda Frequez*
            Amber Roland
            Amy Nim
            Briana Smith
            Elaf Alasadi
            Elizabeth Rodgers
            Emily Zumwalt
            Gladys Grado
            Kylie Pillars
            Mary Morrow
            Morgan Porter
            Tierra Valdez
            8:30 AM
            Gina's Class
            Abdiah Sagert
            Adam Lieziert
            Carlos Smith
            Darrell House
            Delmone Taylor
            Graham Johnson
            Harrison Kavanaugh
            Khoi Le
            Linta Khounphaysane
            Lorus Allen
            Mark Rebstock*
            Narek Kirakossian
            8:30 AM
            Ashley Smith
            Ben Wolfe
            Garrett LaMay
            Gerald Bennett
            Jean Sime
            Jocelyn Colella
            Lance Nakawaga
            Morgan Meronk
            Pricilla Ouma

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