Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Call Time: MARS Thursday March 31

Scroll down to find your name, if it is not on the list, please call.

We had a little trouble with wardrobe today, so for tomorrow we need different looks as the Assistant directors were redressing everyone.

1) Athletic in blues grays, blacks  - sweats, hoodies, gym clothes, gym shoes, t-shirts, tennis shoes. Etc Attached is the color palette for the athletic look

2) Sporty  street clothes with NICE jeans, cotton pants, Shirts and blouses in greens, golds, browns, tans, burgandies, teals, blues, sage, mustard – all earth and jewel tones)  (no bright or neon colors.  no red) no open toed shoes, no  flip flops

3) Teachers and Personnel should also bring options according to what they brought today.  Jackets suits, more dressy. thanks

Come Camera Ready

Women please come with curly hair, (with rollers in IF you have them), light make up, no mascara or eyebrow makeup and a natural lip color

Men, please come with clean shaven or neatly trimmed beards and clean hair.

Please come early if you want to eat breakfast.


Stand Ins
9:00 AM            Kylie Jacobson
10:00 AM            Harrison Kavanaugh
10:00 AM            Mark Rebstock
10:00 AM            Amanda Frequez*

            8:15 AM
            SAE /Gyro
            Erin Frisinger
            Jamie Robisou
            7:45 AM
            Gina's Class 
            Abdiah Sagert
            Adam Lieziert
            Alexis Lafave
            Amber Roland
            Amy Nim
            Argi Hountoumadis
            Briana Smith
            Caleb Kofchur
            Carlos Smith
            Christine Smith
            Darrell House
            Delmone Taylor
            Elaf Alasadi
            Elizabeth Rodgers
            Emily Zumwalt
            Erin Cantrel
            Gladys Grado
            Graham Johnson
            James Liakos*
            Jeffery Williams
            Jessica Smith
            Jocelyn Montoya*
            Keith Hanks*
            Linta Khounphaysane
            Lorus Allen
            Mary Morrow
            Morgan Porter
            Narek Kirakossian
            Sierra Richmond
            Tierra Valdez
            Victor Armijo
            7:45 AM
            Alexander Michael
            Allen Bucchanan
            Donovan Fulkerson
            Frank Taylor
            Gabriel Limon
            Jeremy Aragon
            Jesse Aminian
            Jon Hubbard
            Orland Whitney
            Robert Tucker
            7:45 AM
            Expedition Personnel
            Antoine Gisore
            Christine Schwatken
            Emanuel Tuyishimire
            Greg Seeley
            Imani Smith
            John Wombacher
            Jonathan Lane
            Joshua Burbank
            Luke Abrams
            Matthew Landess
            Ngoc Nguyen
            Pannipa  Kiatbaramee
            Steffan Chakerian
            Sydney Potadle
            Taylor Aquoulasitis
            Zachary Wheeler
            7:15 AM
            Expedition Students
Text x            Adelphone Ndayizkeza
            Alex Olguin
            Alexa Mangrum
            Alexandria Varela
            Alfred Bennett
            Alla Shapiro
            Alonso Soto
            Alonzo Arellano
            Alyx Kunz
            Amalia Nunez
Text            Annabela Niyonkuru
            Anouvat Bon Boulom
            Anthony Mitchell 
            Aron Kalaii
            Blake Wilkinson
            Brandon Brownell
            Brittany lloyd    
            Caleb Garnham
            Casey Bounds
            Cathy Riley
            Chase McGuire
            Chastity Lucero
            Christian Maes
            Christina Santillan
            Christine Smith
            Clayton Salberg
            Colin MacCosbe
            Courtney Hurlock
            Crystal Candelario
            Dante Dowdy
            Dazzanae Walker
            Dean Zamora
            Dejaun Springer
            Demarcus Duhart
            Devin Weaver
            Devontay Hayes.jpg
            Dominic Deems
            Don Gonzales
            Dylan Renfro
            Emily Snell
            Emma Boisselle
            Erik Quintana Sparks
            Evinn MacFarlane
            Geraldine Mannies
            Graham Hudson
            Hannah Chavez
Text            Ibrahim Asimwe
            Isis Plakio
            Jake Edkin
            Jenna Wilkinson
            Jerome Barela
            Jerome Felton
            Jessica Madison Jones
            John Vigil
            Josh Barton
            Joshua Castillo
            Katherine Jackson
            Kevin Figuero
            Kimberly Martinick
            Lillian Deiterman
            Madeleine Garcia
            Madelyn Love
            Malkolm Dahl
            Marisa Doherty
            Marissa Smith
            Marly Martinez
            Matthew Hibbs
            Meansue Kha
            Michael Estrada
            Michael leyba
            Michelle Lawson
            Raiden Integra
            Rhianna  Hill
            Robert Dallas
            Rodrique Russell
            Ryan Bradley Cummins
            Sahar Shirzada
            Samantha Poonna
            Sarah Dempsey
            Spencer Berube
            Tamia Johnson
            Thoman Nunez
            Tommy Vodnick
            Tony Chi
            Vincent Le
            Wynston Vose

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  1. Dear Mrs. Elizabeth Gabel,

    Thank you so very much to choose me as a Reporter today. I had a very good time and all the crew were excellent especially Kurt..a very polite and professional person.

    Hoping to join you again in the near future.

    Sincerely yours,

    Molee Martin.
    (505) 771 2704