Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Call Time: MARS Wednesday March 23

We will be in the Mars Lander which will move back and forth.  Just a warning.

Please come camera ready, women with clean hair down naturally dried. Light make up with your favorite lip gloss

Men please come clean shaven or a very neatly trimmed beard and with clean hair
Please call if you have any problems
Elizabeth 505-203-0884

Stand Ins
7:00 AM            Kylie Jacobson
9:30 AM            Keith Hanks*
7:00 AM            James Liakos*
7:00 AM            Jocelyn Montoya*
            8:00 AM
            SAE Colonist
            Jeffery Williams
            7:00 AM
            Gina's Class
            Alexis Lafave
            Amanda Frequez*
            Amber Roland
            Amy Nim
            Briana Smith
            Elaf Alasadi
            Elizabeth Rodgers
            Emily Zumwalt
            Erin Cantrel
            Gladys Grado
            Kylie Pillars
            Mary Morrow
            Morgan Porter
            Tierra Valdez
            7:00 AM
            Gina's Class
            Abdiah Sagert
            Adam Lieziert
            Caleb Kofchur
            Carlos Smith
            Darrell House
            Delmone Taylor
            Graham Johnson
            Harrison Kavanaugh
            James Mowduk
            Khoi Le
            Linta Khounphaysane
            Lorus Allen
            Mark Rebstock*
            Narek Kirakossian
            7:00 AM
            Ashley Smith
            Ben Wolfe
            Garrett LaMay
            Gerald Bennett
            Jean Sime
            Jocelyn Colella
            Lance Nakawaga
            Morgan Meronk
            Pricilla Ouma

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