Monday, March 21, 2016

Call Time: MIDNIGHT TEXAS Tuesday, March 22

Please come camera ready, with clean hair and women with light make up and your favorite lip gloss.

Your look is exactly the same as today. PLEASE BRING THE SAME CLOTHES that your wore today.


                        Stand Ins
6:42 AM            Alexander Shicoff
6:42 AM            Pablo Quintana
6:42 AM            London Ingoglia
6:42 AM            Emma Rogers

            8:45 AM
            JJ Jones

            6:00 AM
            John Hocker
            Rick Anglada
            Brian Fentress
            Isaac Gonzalez

            8:45 AM
            Jason Vance
            Devin Lieberman
            8:45 AM
            Coroner's Driver
            Anastacia Peralta
            8:45 AM
            Forensic Team
            Eric Porter
            Ana Rios

            8:45 AM
            Midnight Residents
            AJ Dille
            Amy Nim
            Bradd Howard
            Brieann Gillespie
            Bruce Lombardelli
            Bruce MacCallum
            Clint Cowan
            Clint Obenchain
            Danielle Schmitz-Kalivoda
            Dhanai Ram
            Isidrio Galvan
            Joshua Neustadter
            Kenneth Johnson
            Lawrence Sedillo
            Lydia Herbert
            Manuel Abascal
            Manzell Williams
            Michael Gurule-SF
            Michael Martinez
            Numayanti Halleck
            Raymond Scot
            Shaun Scott
            Rochelle Fetter
            Shannon Latham
            Shauna Mellady
            Sina Aurelia
            Teena Tyler
            Teresa Jones
            Thay H. Maokhamphiou
            Theo Robinson
            Tremaine Moncrieffe
            Zachary Stanton
            9:15 AM
            Pick Ups
            Terry V. Mascone
            Rowdy Soleil
            Jose  Perez

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