Sunday, April 3, 2016

Call Time: MIDNIGHT TEXAS, Monday April 4

If you are returning from Sunday Night, please bring the same clothes.

PLEASE bring a warm jacket and gloves and warm clothes because it will get cold at night.  You don't want to be under prepared.  Better to have too much than not enough.

Call if you have any problems or questions

Stand Ins
6:18 PM Alexander Shicoff
 7:30 PM Rachael Woolery
7: 30 PM Devontay Hayes

6:30 PM
Matching Man in Chair
Jamie Romero

6:30 PM           
Floyd Aquirre           
John Montano           

6:30 PM
Midnight Residents
Albbchir Diko
Cal Pickins
Colleen Nix
David Niragira
Elaine Querry
Geraldine Mannies
Holly Simpson
Ignacio Lucero
Isdrio Galvan II
John Rudolph
LC Read
Leon Herrera
Lidia Atencio
Paul Bonchi
Rabbi Jerkins
William Mora

6:30 PM
Residents w/Cars
Sean Mclean
Polly Mullen
Robert Allen Fischer
Tony Mitchell

7:30 PM
Steve Foster

6:30 PM
Midnight Residents
Calvin Stoddard
Nick Kalivoda
Ashley Collier 

For 8:30 pm Background Actors, please come having eaten as we will have already eaten our first meal and the next meal will be served at 12:30 am.

8:30 PM
Ernesto Martinez

8:30 PM
Unruly Kids
Noah Barreda (10)
David Barreda (10)
Faith  (8)
Destiny (8)

8:30 PM
Kyle Pierson

8:30 PM
Autumn Rivers

8:30 PM
Older Couple
Diana McGuerty
Ron Querry

8:30 PM
Alla Shapiro
Angela Duncan
Anthony Mitchell
Chad Barber
Elaine Aragon  
Hank Spellman
Jacqui Bindord-Bell
Jeremy Bowler
Jimmy Smith
Joshua Neustadter
Julie Tumblety
Kathryn Kezon
Kayt Peck
Lot Di Bendetto
Michael Fabian
Michael McGuerty
Mimi Overhusler
Olivia Lucero
Pablo Quintana
Pete Gallegos
Rochelle Fetter-SF
Roy Montibon
Spencer Parson
Teena Tyler
Valentina Hart

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