Tuesday, July 19, 2016

CAll time: GRANITE MOUNTAIN, Wednesday July 20

Please bring (3) full outfits for a western type bar scene,
This is a western style bar so please bring cowboy boots, hats, cowgirl bling, short denim skirts, men with western shirt and jeans.  If you do not have these items wear jeans and work boots for the men, button down shirts.  Jeans and nice cute
tops for women. No reds, blacks or whites and no large obvious logos

Please come camera ready with clean hair and make up done for women

We send out a map, if you did not get it please call

Stand Ins
8:00 AM            Daniel Chavez
8:00 AM            Jeffrey Willams
8:00 AM            Joshua Bowen
8:00 AM            Shawn McCall
8:00 AM            Morgan Meronk
8:00 AM            Madyson Turner

            7:12 AM
            Nick Klonis
            Kiki Klonis
            Kelly Griego

            7:12 AM
            Melissa Barboa
            Lacy Cones
            Kathryen McCune

            7:12 AM
            Ashley Andrews
            Danielle Van Beest
            7:12 AM
            Amanda Misner
            Courtney Hurlock
            Carter's Wife
            Emma Rogers
            Anthony Rose's Wife
            Jessica Junwith
            Roxanne Warneke
            Sofia Embid

            8:00 AM
            Rusty Pistol Wives
            Marvel Steinbrink
            Kyra Bease
            Lynn dunham
            Debbie Wood
            7:12 AM
            Dancing Couples
x            Joleen Baughman
x            Stephen Conn

            Annie Smith.
            Stefan Brenner

            Scott Horlbeck
            Tya bussell
            7:42 AM
            Young Women
            Alicia Quintana*
            Alla Shapiro
            Alyx Kunz*
            Amy Carter
            Ariel White*
            Christine Smith
            Chyenne Powers
            Corinne Fox*
            Emily Snell*
            Emily Zumwalt
            Evinn McFarlane*
            Jessica Smith
            Katherine Liden*
            Lauren Gibbons*
            Leilah franklin*
            Maymie Mitchell
            Rhaeleigh Dyson
            Ricki Brewton
            Rochelle Fetters*
            Sarah Ureta
            Susy Castillo*
            Sydney Potadle
            Tanya Chanclor*
            Waverly Gorman
            8:00 AM
            Young Men
            Abel McBride Jr.
            Dylan Renfro
            Gabe Esling
            John Ureta
            Jonathan Hubbarth
            Kyle Pierson
            Luke Kellum
            Martin H. Jones
            Matthew Sisson-Manville
            Patrick Looney
            Sean Gosselin*
            Steven Stahl
            Thomas Kwait*
            Tiim Case
            Tyler Baker
            Tyrus Shoberg*
            8:00 AM
            Bar Patrons
            Darlene Kellum
            Dave Robbins
            Denise Holland
            Elaine Aragon
            Joe Dooley
            Michelle Poole Hart
            Michelle Thurik
            Nancy Tiedman*
            Rip Lowe
            Steven Pierce
            Suzy Bowman*

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