Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Call Time: GRANITE MOUNTAIN, Thursday August 18

PLEASE  remember to come with (3) full outfits.  Bring warming jackets for between takes

Please call if you need a map
Elizabeth Gabel

Stand Ins
4:00 PM            Jeffrey Williams
4:00 PM            Robyn Chaulsette

            4:30 PM
            Couple Leaving
            Dennis Gomez
            Sylvie Hagan

            4:30 PM
            Murph's Clientele
            Camille Chavez
            Bethany Rivers
            Cate Ferguson
            Chrissie Vigil
            Danny Fogle Jr
            Frederic Montoya
            Jamie Haug
            Joe Dooley
            Jonathan Hargraves
            Leana Lewis
            Lorian Long
            Lot DiBenedetto
            Paul Bonchi
            Polly Mullen
            Rosanna Dill
            Susan Finger
            Teresa Jones
            Wade Carter
            4:30 PM
            Murph's Wait Staff
            Mark Rebstock
            Britanny Dugan
            Desiree Otero
            Krystianna Pense
            4:30 PM
            ND Peds-7
            Jaime Romero
            Lalo Alarcon
            Mario Lee Madrid
            Michele Varner
            Olivia Lucero
            Robert Fischer
            Rosie Palmer
            7:00 PM
            Prescott Town Cops-2
            William Hayward
            Sam Lewis

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