Wednesday, August 3, 2016

CAll Time: GRANITE MOUNTAIN, Wednesday August 4

Ranchers: Please remember to bring three full outfits.
Call if you have any questions or Problems.

Stand Ins
9:00 AM            Daniel Chavez
10:30 AM            Andrea Sanchez
            9:00 AM
            3 ranchers w/ Jeep
            David Rambaldi
            Charles Ash
            Henry Ochoa
            9:00 AM
            6 Ranchers w/ Truck
            Dean Bolt
            Jaime Romero
            Mel Chernoff
            Stephen Wallace
            Robert Telles 
            Rowdy Soleil
            Nicole Duray-Miller
            4:15 PM
            Buggy Passengers
            Ben House
            Mike Cruz
            Graig Dirgo

            4:15 PM
            Amanda Photo Double
            Rachel Delatorra
            4:15 PM
            Steed Photo
            Joshua Bowen

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