Thursday, August 18, 2016

Call time: HOSTILES, Friday, August 19 Riding Doubles

We will be shooting at the Charles R. Ranch in Las Vegas. It is a drive, and we apologize. We are sending the map asap.  Please call if you did not get one.  We appreciate you  and your talents very much. Mostly we appreciate your patience.

Elizabeth 505-203-0884

7:00 AM
Kirby Roads
1:15 PM
Jordan Taton
6:30 AM
Yellow Hawk
Anderson Kee
6:30 AM
Black Hawk
Randall Murphy
7:30 AM
Elk Woman
Kendall Edmo
8:00 AM
Little Bear
Laramie Martinez
11:00 AM
Little  Bear
Vernon Sam
7:30 AM
Liviing Woman
Michaela Espy
6:30 AM
Devlin Laura
7:00 AM
Shawnee Muncy
6:30 AM
Tyke Kipp
7:00 AM
Forest Smith

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