Thursday, November 17, 2016

Call Time: Friday Nov. 18

Boarder Patrol, FBI, Homeland/Ice. Please come clean shaven.

Please, I cannot say it enough, bring warm jacket, glove, wear long underwear, bring blankets and warm gloves and hats to wear between takes. We are way out in the desert and it gets very cold at night.

Please give yourself about 45 minutes to get to set, as it is a drive and come a little early to eat. But it is fun and exciting.

We sent out maps, please call if you did not get one.

Elizabeth 505-203-0884

Stand Ins
2:00 PM            Shawn McCall
2:00 PM            Mark Esquibel
            12:48 PM
            Boarder Patrol
259            Morgan Redmond
            Greg Seely
            Christopher Garcia
            12:48 PM
256            Alfred Soto
262            Jay Sanchez
265            Jorge A. Estrada Jr. 
263            Joshua Costlly
268            Juan Moreno
258            Kell yGossett
251            Spencer Brown
253            Wade Carter
            12:48 PM
            Homeland Security/Ice
261            Dennis Price
270            Luis Ricardo Anzures
257            Matthew Flanagan
269            Sarrett Williams
255            Tim Aydelott
            12:48 PM
            Texas Ranger
267            Randall Raymond
            Matthew Dunkle
            3:45 PM
            Cluless Border Patrol
264            James Perdue
            3:45 PM
            Border Patrol
250            Anthony Olveda
266            Danny Rodriguez 
            3:45 PM
107            AJ Dille
94            Bernadette Moya
106            Bon Boulom
98            Carolyn Shademan
11            Chowdee Tsuri
101            Ernestina Lucero
                 James Tran
86            Jarrod White
100            Jason Ortiz
96            Jonathan Padilla
103            Linta Khounphaysane
88            Maylan Southern
99            Michael Lucero
89            Mika Hashmito
90            Pari Shimoyama
102            Phantom An
93            Santiago Moya
87            Sid Galvan
105            Tenzin Sangmo
95            Thay Mimi Maokhamphiou
92            Tim Nguyen
104            Tuan Dao

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