Friday, November 25, 2016

Call Time: Monday, Nov. 28

The location is the same as Monday Nov. 21 
Please call if you need a map.

            Stand Ins
7:00 AM            Mark Esquibel
7:00 AM            Danny Chavez
7:00 AM            Marissa Lopez
7:00 AM            Shawn McCall

            7:00 AM
            APC Passneger
            Tony Olmos

            9:15 AM
            Troy Double
            Rick Hawpe
            9:15 AM
            Carlos Correon
            Vernon Bradley
            Victor Chavez
            Algin Mendez
            9:15 AM
            State Police
            Rick Anglada
            Chris Rael
            ND Cars
            Francisco Bailon
            Shaya Gol
            Kevin Capless
            Russell Thompson

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