Monday, November 21, 2016

Call Time: Tuesday, Nov. 22

PLEASE bring many many options for wardrobe. Colors don't matter, 3 or 4 full outfits.

The scene with the contractors and APC passenger was cancelled

If you did not get a map, please call


Stand Ins
6:45 AM            Mark Esquibel
6:45 AM            Danny Chavez
6:45 AM            Nick Mastrorocco
6:45 AM            Shawn McCall
            Cars please park at Dick's Sporting Good in the parking lot at Coronado's west side.
            6:30 AM
            Mall Patrons w/ Cars 25
            Abel McBride Jr.
            Alla Shapiro
            April Hunter
            Carol Trujillo-Sieber
            Chad Lozano
            Crystal Duran
            Danny Villegas
            Dara Eidsmoe
            Eric Mazzie
            Horace Fresquez
            Joshua Neustadter
            Kathryn Hanson
            Katie Curran
            Kezziah R. Casias Green
            Manny Greenfield
            Marianne Arkeat
            Mariyam Saho
            Megan Berry
            Michael Partridge
            Michael Romero
            Nathan Phillips
            Rochelle Mejia
            Sylvia Varela
            Ted Bandoni
            Teena Tyler
            Ward Hinsen

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