Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Call time: Wednesday Nov. 23

We sent a map to the location in Algodones. If you did not get it please let us know.

Please bring warm clothing, wear long underwear. It will be very cold. Bring jackets, gloves and hats to wear between shots.


Stand Ins
11:00 AM Marcel Torres
11:00 AM Paul Lucero
4:00 PM Rochelle Mejia

11:00 AM

Teen Scouts

Daniel Abeyta

Javier Johnson

Michael Gallegos

Art Maese

4:00 PM


Lydia  Oliver,

Gemma Oliver

3:30 PM

Tatooted Ganster

Frank Blazquez

4:00 PM

Miguel's Migrants

Candace Vialpando

Joe Martin

Jose Martinez

Ramon Quinonez

Susanne Vawter


Geneva Martinez

4:00 PM


Danny St-Cyr Trujillo

Emiliano Montoya

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