Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Call Time: Wednesday, Dec. 14

the 2 pm call should come having eaten as lunch will have been served already

            Stand Ins
12:00 PM            Mark Esquibel
4:00 PM            Marissa Lopez
4:00 PM            Nick Mastrorocco
4:00 PM            James Sanchez
4:00 PM            Paul Lucero
12:00 PM            Ray Maes

            2:00 PM
            Cartel Soldiers
            David Baca
            2:30 PM
            Boy Soldiers
            Michael Gallegos
            Javier Johnson
            Jordan Archuleta

            2:00 PM
            Gallo's Thugs in Pkup
            Arturo Maes
            Dakota Soleil
            Vicente Lopez

            2:00 PM
            Gallo's Thugs
            Ivan Hernandez
            Jonathan Jones
            Kelly Lucio
            Marcel torres
            Michael Fletcher
            Michael Tafoya
            Michael Valdez
            Mike Bustamonte
            Onesimo Archuleta

            2:00 PM
            Mid Level Thugs
295            Xavier E. McBride
333            Raymond Carmona
331            Miguel Sanchez
351            Lyle Sandoval
364            Zeke Del a Rosa

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