Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Costco Rehearsal

1) DO NOT bring you wardrobe options tomorrow!! Wardrobe will not be there, but DO bring it on Friday
2) DO eat lunch before you come, our catering department will not be there, they will be with the main unit.

Thanks and please call me with questions. If you did not get a map Please call me
Elizabeth 505-203-0884

            11:00 AM
            Wounded Costco
459            Aaron Mastriani
455            Andriea Vigil
453            Audrey Wright
470            Braden Anderson
461            Brian Anderson
454            Daniel Lewis
460            Jasmine Bounds
462            Mary Matthis
463            Maria Cordova
452            Roger Wright
458            Stephen Pearce               
            11:00 AM
471            Robert Cordova
472            Dennis Starnes
            11:00 AM
            Ahmed Rashid
464            David Heyman
469            James Aslam
468            John Kirk
465            Mike Leyba
467            Sam Lewis

            11:00 AM
            Costco Shoppers
            Alexcia Orgass
            Bobby Shelton
            Brendan Lelugas
            Carol LeSage
            Christopher Prein
            Connie Tachias
            Cynthia Heston
            Daniel Estrada
            Des'mont Haywood
            Erik Beacham
            Gabrielle Freeland
457            Gaeli Weiss
            Gage Gumbie
            Geoffry Dillow
            Gloria Carol
            Gregory Smith
            James Sweeny
            Janet Harrison
            Javier S Bonilla
            JJ Jones
466            Jocelyn Colella
            Joe Dooley
            Juan fajardo
            Kerr Adams
            Levi Eylicio
            Lou Apodaca
            Luke Abrams
            Mark Vasconcellos
            Michael  Gallegos
            Michael McDermott
            Michelle Chavez
            Michelle Thurik
            Nicole Welsh
            Pape Diallo
            Rose Palmer.
            Roxanne Scott
            Roy Kenny
            Rubette Baldonado
            Ruth Ward
            Tanya White
            Trey Valentine
456            Tyreena Gidden

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