Thursday, March 30, 2017

Call time; FAST Color, Friday March 31

Please remember that your call time is the time your report to wardrobe

Thank You for a great day. See you tomorrow
Elizabeth 505-203-0884

Stand Ins
12:00 PM            RaShayla  Daniels
10:30 AM            Amanda KC
8:42 AM            Morgan Redmond
8:42 AM            Steve Arndt
8:42 AM            Nick Mastrorocco
10:30 AM            RaSandra Daniels
10:30 AM            Jahala Graham
            8:45 AM
            Alexander Baldomar
            Carol Byrd
            Felicia Monk
            Gary Castro
            Gordon Saucedo
            Jenelle Young
            Michael Stogner
            10:30 AM
            Wesley Patton
            10:30 AM
            Wade Carter
             John Ureta
            Jean Sime

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