Saturday, March 25, 2017

Call Time: FAST COLOR, Monday March 27

LOCATION CHANGE: We will be shooting at Molly's Bar in Tijeras NOT at the Club 203 in Morarity. If you did not get the map, please call.

Please remember to bring three (3) full outfits in muted tones. Worn out clothes:
Button front shirts, solid colors, window pane, flannels
Faded tee shirts
Faded jeans 
Khakis, faded chinos in other colors
Jackets, denim, chore coats, Levi’s and Carhartt are OK if we can cover or remove logo
Old Boots (black and brown), old sneakers (no bold colors!)
Please call if you have any questions:
Elizabeth   505-203-0884

                        Stand Ins
9:12 AM            Rashayla  Daniels
7:12 AM            Morgan Redmond
7:12 AM            Evelyn Coffing

            7:00 AM

            Bar patrons
            Alfred Bennett
            Bruce Lombardelli
            Bryan Cain
            Brother Eden Douglas
            Candace Vialpando
            Cynthia Perzabal
            Dan Garduno
            Darryl Clark
            David Sundt
            Ed Garcia
            Janet Metzger
            Jeffrey Curry
            John Roberts
            Kerry Leigh
            Lance Sedillo
            Louis Schiffman
            Michael Mangan
            Nina Martinez
            Randy Bartok
            Sarah Ureta

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