Thursday, March 16, 2017

Call Time: MISSION CONTROL Friday March 17


Women, please come camera ready (able to step in front of camera( with clean hair in a bun, pony tail or nicely down.  Light make up tastefully done.  Please bring backpacks, phone and/or I-pads if you have them. We will use them in the scene.

PLEASE be at least 15 minutes early to eat and do paperwork. Your call time is when you report to wardrobe.

We will be shooting at CNM Please make sure you have the correct map
Call if you have a problem
Elizabeth  505-203-0884

8:12 AM

Stand Ins
Emma Rogers
Robyn Vega
Armando Gonzales
Michael Fletcher
David Robbins

6:30 AM

Breakroom  Mission Control
Anthony Lee
Jeremy Laughlin
Natashia Ortega
Zachry Wheeler
Jessica Bailon

6:30 AM

Evelyn Coffing

6:30 AM

Alaina Garland
Alla Shapiro
Ash West
Ashley Fastle
Ashley Young
Deandra Pierre-Louis
Emma Boisselle
Geraldine Mannies
Gina Gonzales
Janet Quintana-Cook
Jaylene West
Kara Smith  
Katherine Jackson
Krystal Rainwater
Lauren Gilmore
Maria Alicia Cordova
Mariacheska Lengendre
Marilyn Al-Yasi
Marilyn Chimes
Midori Branch
Mora Sumner Wichmann
Raquel Rainy
Ruda Katz
Sara Masica
Scarlett Hotovec
Shanel Premdas
Sydney Potadle
Terin Bolt

7:00 AM

Abdiah Sagert
Alexander Michael
Allen Bucchanan
Alonso Soto
Bradley Rylance
Brother EDEN Douglas
Chieh-Lun Lee
Chuck Erickson
Clayton Salberg
Colin MacCosbe
Dom Lanquit
Don Rider
Donovan Fulkerson
George Vantrease
Hector Colunga
Gene Allen
Jake sheets
Jeffery Williams
Jerry Walker
Jesse Aminian
Joe Hillman
Jonathan Lombardeux
Justin Graham
Keith Hanks
Kevin Thornburg
Lachlan Jones
Lawrence Gilligan
Linta Khounphaysane
Louis Gonzales
Michael leyba
Morgan Porter
Pape Diallo
Phillip Duran
Steffan Chakerian
Terry  Taylor
Toby Montoya
Tristan Van Cleave

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