Sunday, March 19, 2017

Call Time: Mission Control, Tuesday March 21

Please note that there is no rehearsal nor are we shooting on Monday. Mission Control is on a Tuesday through Saturday Shoot.

Please park in front of Stages 5 and 6. DO not park in front of REELZ Channel. Your car will be towed if you do.

Remember to bring backpacks and phones and I-pads.

Stand Ins
6:48 AM            Katherine Jackson
6:48 AM            Robyn Vega
6:48 AM            Emma Rogers
6:48 AM            RaSanda Daniels
6:48 AM            Armando Gonzales
6:48 AM            David Robbins
            6:00 AM

            Mission Control
            Aleisha Clayton
            Alexandra Koeth
            Amanita Thorp
            Anthony Lee
            Austin Arnold
            Cheyanne Arviso
            Christian Maes
            Christina Santillian
            Dan Giuliano
            Des'mont Drémon Haywood
            Elizabeth Rodgers
            Eric Ulrich
            Gelsey Bostick
            Geoffrey Dillow
            Greg J Garcia
            Holly Neil
            Huston Pardee
            Jeremy Laughlin
            Jessica Bailon
            Lucy Ren
            Mario Telles
            Natashia Ortega
            RaSanda Daniels
            Tony Surodjawan
            Zachry Wheeler
            6:30 AM

            NASA Hallway
            Richard Arimoto
            Frank Taylor
            Mickey Bond
            Lilia Brock
            J Alexander Douglas
            Jeff Vanclief
            Scot Scurlock
            Shareeff Burke
            Timothy Holmes
            Abdiah Sagert
            Allen Bucchanan
            Ash West
            Ashley Fastle
            Bobby Caldwell
            Bradley Rylance
            Chieh-Lun Lee
            Jake sheets
            Jean Sime
            John Mulquin Jr 
            Justin Graham
            Kam Beldon
            Kara Smith  
            Krystal Rainwater
            Marilyn Chimes
            Mora Sumner Wichmann
            Nicole Duray-Miller
            Raquel Rainy
            Richard Beal
            Ruda Katz
            Sara Masica
            Terin Bolt
            Ysabella Maez

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