Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Call Time: Mission Control Wednesday March 22

Thank you for a great day. The producers said that the extras were really great today.

Please come camera ready with hair and make up done.  And bring backpacks and phones.

            Stand Ins
8:30 AM            Katherine Jackson
8:30 AM            Robyn Vega
8:30 AM            Emma Rogers
8:30 AM            Armando Gonzales
8:30 AM            David Robbins
            7:18 AM
            Mission Control
            Aleisha Clayton
            Alexandra Koeth
            Amanita Thorp
            Anthony Lee
            Antonio Valles
            Cheyanne Arviso
            Christian Maes
            Christina Santillian
            Dan Giuliano
             Des'mont DrĂ©mon Haywood
            Dom Lanquit
            Elizabeth Rodgers
            Eric Ulrich
            Gelsey Bostick
            Geoffrey Dillow
            Greg J Garcia
            Holly Neil
            Huston Pardee
            Jeremy Laughlin
            Jessica Bailon
            Lucy Ren
            Mario Telles
            Natashia Ortega
            RaSanda Daniels
            Tony Surodjawan
            Vanessa Jackson
            Zachry Wheeler
            7:30 AM
            NASA Hallway
           Brother Eden Douglas
            Frank Taylor
            Gina Gonzales
            Gulten Kenney
            HaiLi Chen
            J Alexander Douglas
            Jean Sime
            Jeffery Williams
            Mickey Bond
            Raquel Rainy
            Richard Arimoto
            Shareeff Burke
            Sydney Potadle
            Timothy Holmes
            Timothy Ju

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