Monday, June 19, 2017

Call Time: ARIZONA, Tuesday june 20

As of 10: 30 pm  we do not have a call time for tomorrow., you can check the blog in the morning.

 We have sent the map, Please park in the southeast corner of the Coronado Mall parking lot.  We will get ready there and then van over to the Uptown Bar.
Elizabeth 5056-203-0884

7:30 PM
Robert Hockaday

7:30 PM
Jessica Jungwirth

7:30 PM
Bar Patrons
David Foster
Christal Patty
Hud Gee
Jean Sime
Jeff Vanclief
Jessie Bates
Jon McGarrah
Justin Zahn
Luke Esquibel
Malcolm Green
Marvin Johnson
RaShayla  Daniels

7:30 PM
Patrons w/cars
Brandi Dennis
Carol Johnson
Russell Thompson
Mel Chernoff
Roxy Traino

Friday, June 16, 2017

Call Time: Monday June 19

Please report to the base camp at James Monroe Middle school. We have sent out a map, please call if you did not receive one.

Please remember to bring three sets of clothes according the wardrobe's instructions and thanks.
Elizabeth 505-203-0884.

            Stand Ins
9:42 AM            Amberlee Toney
9:42 AM            Joe Spiess
            Scott Double
            Clint Obenchain
            9:15 AM
            High School Kids
            Ashley Fastle
            Dominic Gurule
            Elisa Montoya
            Gabriel Van Cleave
            Halle Ivy
            Iain Logan
            Isaiah Lee Romero-Cordova
            Keith Hanks
            Kendrah Geddes
            Marianna Manuela Gallegos
            Tristan Van Cleave
            Tyreena Gidden
            Vanessa Jackson
            9:15 AM
            Parents w/cars
            Ann Anderson
            Anna Peralta

Monday, June 12, 2017

Call Time: ARIZONA, Tuesday June 13

            Stand Ins
12:42 PM            Amberlee Toney
12:42 PM            Joe Spiess

            6:00 PM  -  Report to Old  K-mart
            Security Guard
            Ernest Moya

            W/N which means we will call you in the morning with the call time. Probably between10am  and 12 pm
               ND Cars  Report to James Monroe Middle School
              Frank Poolheco
            Julian Wondolowski
            Kelly McClelland

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Call Time: ARIZONA, Monday June 12

Please note that we have sent out a map. If you did not get one please call me.
Elizabeth 505-203-0884

Stand Ins
7:12 AM           Amberlee Toney
7:12 AM            Joe Spiess

            6:30 AM
            Martin Sharp
            10:30 AM
            ND Drivers
            Natalie Benavidez
            Ann Anderson
            Bridgett Miller
            Carol Johnson
            Charles Ash
            Dale Swetnam
            David Sundt
            Denny Shoopman
            Georgene Romero
            Manny Greenfield
            Marianne Arkeat
            Marilyn Chimes
            Terry Mulcahy
            Mel Chernoff
            Mimi Thay Maokhamphiou
             Ralph Jacoby
            Ray Bauda
            Teena Tyler