Saturday, June 10, 2017

Call Time: ARIZONA, Monday June 12

Please note that we have sent out a map. If you did not get one please call me.
Elizabeth 505-203-0884

Stand Ins
7:12 AM           Amberlee Toney
7:12 AM            Joe Spiess

            6:30 AM
            Martin Sharp
            10:30 AM
            ND Drivers
            Natalie Benavidez
            Ann Anderson
            Bridgett Miller
            Carol Johnson
            Charles Ash
            Dale Swetnam
            David Sundt
            Denny Shoopman
            Georgene Romero
            Manny Greenfield
            Marianne Arkeat
            Marilyn Chimes
            Terry Mulcahy
            Mel Chernoff
            Mimi Thay Maokhamphiou
             Ralph Jacoby
            Ray Bauda
            Teena Tyler

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