Friday, June 16, 2017

Call Time: Monday June 19

Please report to the base camp at James Monroe Middle school. We have sent out a map, please call if you did not receive one.

Please remember to bring three sets of clothes according the wardrobe's instructions and thanks.
Elizabeth 505-203-0884.

            Stand Ins
9:42 AM            Amberlee Toney
9:42 AM            Joe Spiess
            Scott Double
            Clint Obenchain
            9:15 AM
            High School Kids
            Ashley Fastle
            Dominic Gurule
            Elisa Montoya
            Gabriel Van Cleave
            Halle Ivy
            Iain Logan
            Isaiah Lee Romero-Cordova
            Keith Hanks
            Kendrah Geddes
            Marianna Manuela Gallegos
            Tristan Van Cleave
            Tyreena Gidden
            Vanessa Jackson
            9:15 AM
            Parents w/cars
            Ann Anderson
            Anna Peralta

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